EMDR Institute Basic Training, according to EMDRIA guidelines, includes 20 hours of lecture, 20 hours of practicum and 10 hours of consultation. The training is a seven-day, three-weekend program extended over approximately six weeks. This training  is equivalent to the more traditional Weekend 1 and 2 of EMDR training, with the addition of the 10 hours of required consultation.  Attendance at all classes and consultation is required for completion of EMDR Basic Training.

Included during the training with Janet Wright are all ten of the EMDRIA-required consultation hours for Basic Training. Consultation will help you begin to use EMDR with your clients and address difficulties that naturally arise when beginning to use a new therapy. Arrangements will be made with Janet Wright between or after the three weekends to complete the consultation hours not included during the three weekends. In Colorado, this course qualifies for all 40 hours of DORA continuing education.

EMDR Basic training includes an experiential component. Participants will be using EMDR with each other in order to gain familiarity with how clients experience EMDR as well as to develop the necessary skills to begin work with clients. The experience of being both clinician and client is a required part of the training. If due to trauma, illness, or other stressors, you are not emotionally stable, you should not take the training at this time.  If you are pregnant, you must contact the trainer before registering for the training.

The training group will be limited in size, allowing a small, comfortable and personalized learning environment. You will be expected to read EMDR literature before and during the training, may have homework assignments between training sessions and will begin to implement at least several phases of the eight phases of EMDR after the first training weekend. All of this is designed to prepare clinicians for the effective, safe and confident use of EMDR in their clinical practices.

Janet Wright uses the EMDR Institute curriculum that includes lectures, videotape demonstrations, ongoing case consultation, and supervised experiential practice in using EMDR to reprocess participants’ own life experiences. Her training takes place in the Fort Collins/Loveland area and serves the Northern Colorado region, including Denver, Greeley, Estes Park and Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming.


Basic Training will take place in Fort Collins/Loveland over seven days (three weekends). The first weekend will include all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The second and third weekends both include Saturday and Sunday. Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Ten hours of case consultation will be included between, during and after training weekends. Extending the training format helps participants integrate the lecture material, conceptualize where to begin with specific clients and incorporate the standardized protocol into their practice. Each of the three weekends will include both lecture and experiential components. Specific dates and tuition are included on the registration page.