Participant’s Comments

The following are comments received from participants in previous trainings with Janet Wright.

Overall Course:

  • Should be a course requirement to complete graduate school.
  • Client examples are really helpful, along with the videos.   Course was well laid out and helped to strengthen my confidence in my EMDR abilities.
  • The practicum was an amazing way to practice and learn the process.  Training allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident in my skills and gave EMDR a more personal feel.
  • Gave me space to practice with trainer being available to answer questions.

Comments on the trainer

  • Janet was an incredible trainer, insightful, encouraging and knowledgeable.  Made a safe place to question and offered compassionate support during practicum.
  • A pleasure to train with all weekend.  Really helpful to break things down; provided good consultation.
  • Janet did an excellent job.  She was enthusiastic, encouraging and very knowledgeable about EMDR.
  • Truly appreciated her professionalism, confidence and steady encouraging presence.  Good time management.
  • Wonderful presenter, so well informed. Thanks for handouts and examples from your practice! Excellent clinical skills.
  • Janet did a good job helping us through a great deal of new information.  She was very open to questions.
  • So calm, confident, professional—and loves and respects EMDR.
  • She helped us to keep each other safe and to continue processing. She was careful and present.
  • Janet really was normalizing and encouraging about trying it and being O.K. with making mistakes.